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    • Dead by Daylight Hacks with Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack and 2D Radar Hack. Undetected Dead by Daylight Cheats for 2022.

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    • Use our Dead by Daylight hacks if you are a solo player!

      Horror fans love this game and we can all see why. It’s Halloween every day of the year when you get into a title like this! Dead by Daylight is a game that will scare you to the core, but also bring out some of your inner competitors as well. There are plenty of characters to play as, with some of the most popular movie villains and killers making an appearance too! 

      The problem with Dead by Daylight is that there is a grind associated with leveling up your player. You can have more skills than the next person by simply playing more, which means it isn’t always a fair game. Then again, which games on the market right now are truly fair? Dead by Daylight is an amazing game that promotes more than just a “shoot ‘em up” style of gameplay, and it’s the reason why it’s been popular ever since its launch. 

      If you’re a player struggling with getting better in Dead by Daylight, then you might consider using our Dead by Daylight hacks for a better Survivability rate.


      What is Dead by Daylight game about?

      Released in 2016, Dead by Daylight is considered an “asymmetric survival horror” game, but we like to call it a “run for your life and hide!” release. Gamers who enjoy squirming in their racing chairs have a special place in their hearts for this game, which was developed by Starbreeze Studios (they sold the project to Behaviour Interactive in 2018). 

      Going online and interacting with some of the players from all over the globe will introduce you to how competitive the game can be. There are leaderboards and a ranking system that is used to determine which killers and survivors are the best of the best. If you want to find yourself on these leaderboards, it’s going to take more than just practice and you will have to purchase our Dead by Daylight hack to get a better spot in rankings.

      Available on all major consoles and PC, with crossplay being recently introduced (although mobile players cannot tag along), you can expect to engage with all sorts of people while playing. 


      Why do you need Dead by Daylight cheats ?

      As stated numerous times already, this is more than just a survival horror game. Your competitive juices will start flowing once you’ve been killed a few times by the same character, or keep needing assistance from your teammates because they keep putting you on “The Hook”. 

      There’s no telling how great the Dead by Daylight cheats will make you, but it’s a given that you will become a stronger player. It takes more than just practice and patience to be amazing at this game, as most of the top players are hackers themselves! The useful features found in all of our tools are enough to turn even the greenest player into an unstoppable force. Whether you plan on surviving longer or killing as many players as possible, using a proper assistance is always going to be your best bet. 


      Dead by Daylight ESP

      Our Dead by Daylight ESP allows players to see through solid surfaces, but it has deeper meaning. In a game like DBD, you can see why this is such an obvious feature to have on deck. Any player can benefit from seeing through walls while playing, so whether you’re a killer or survivor is irrelevant. 

      Survivors can see the killer coming from a mile away, and killers can set up traps and ambush players with ease by tracking their position! All in all, it’s a feature that needs to be included in any DBD cheat, no questions asked. Also thanks to our DBD Wallhack feature you can see Totems, Generators, Traps, Pallets and Chests through the map. This information will give you a better awareness of your surroundings and help you lay down in order to have sufficient time for pulling out certain tactics to weed the Killers out of the game.


      Dead by Daylight aimbot

      Aimbots have become a very traditional feature included within the majority of cheats found online. While the quality of these tools will vary, so will the aimbot that comes included with them. You’ll be offered the likes of Bone Prioritization, Smooth Aiming, and several other amazing features to make killing your opponents a simple process. However in this game, you don't need this Dead by Daylight aimbot functions, since it will not be necessary to aim your opponent.


      DBD No Knock and Removal functions

      The Removables feature can be used to remove anything that makes the game unplayable in your opinion. Some killers have perks that will distort your vision or make the level foggy, which you can remove entirely using this feature! Anything that obscures your view or makes the game tough to play will likely be removable, so long as you have access to this feature.

      As for the DBD No Knock feature, it will help you get immune to the Killer traps and you will not bleed to death or reduce your movement, this can be incredible convenient in running situations!


      Dead by Daylight Unlimited Sprint feature

      Sprinting is your lifeline as a survivor in Dead by Daylight, and there’s a reason why some players seem like they can never get caught. It may seem like an “obvious” feature, but the Dead by Daylight unlimited sprint feature can be perfect when implemented properly, as you will not run short or breath.

      As long as you aren’t running around the level the entire match, you should be able to outrun any other issues that come your way before escaping to the Hatch. This function was however removed because of the new Anticheat perks and was causing unnecessary account bans.


      Use our DBD hack to get better results

      They say that cheaters never prosper, but whoever wrote that must have never cheated themselves. Dead by Daylight is always going to be hard to master, but our products make the grind much easier to maintain. You don’t have to spend countless hours trying to level up your character because you can just activate our DBD hack and get the same results. 

      Overpowered players and people who have been enjoying Dead by Daylight since release will always have the upper hand. Even the playing field a little bit and get your hands on a reliable Dead by Daylight tool today.

      Feel like joining the Elite Cheatz community? Get started today! We’re always willing to welcome more members with open arms. 

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